Bringing together all the experience of composition, performance, and engineering from a vast 40 year career, the following productions have been contributed to by Anthony. Some have gone on to receive both Australian and International Awards.


  • MADISON AVE: POLYESTER EMBASSY        [5 ARIA AWARDS] & REMINISCING - CoProducer, Performer, Programmer.
  • STEVIE PAIGE: WELCOME to the BIG TIME [CHAIN AWARDS: BLUES FEMALE VOCALIST of the YEAR 2011. VIC/TAS BLUES: ALBUM of the YEAR 2010] - Performer, Mix & Master Engineer.
  • JESSE VALACH: BLUES MOUNTAIN Nominee Best Blues Album, the AGE Music Victoria Awards 2015**
  • ARIA 1998 JAZZ ALBUM of the YEAR: Ian Chaplin & Scott Tinkler "the Future In Today." - Mastering.
  • VAN HOORN: Debut EP - Mastering.
  • Eugene Hamilton: Debut Album - Mastering.
  • STEREO VOLVO: SMASHING PRECONCEPTIONS [RADIO INDY AWARD] - Performer, Producer, Engineer, Mastering.
  • HUSNY THALIB: AUST' IDOL - Producer, Engineer, Mastering.
  • The CLUNK Orchestra - 2 Albums - Mix & Mastering
  • 3 AFI AWARDS with Director RICHARD FRANKLAND - Music Producer.
  • JESSE VALACH: BLUES MOUNTAIN - Debut & 2nd Albums: Producer, Engineer, Mastering.
  • BLUE EYES CRY: PULL ME IN: Producer, Engineer, Mastering.
  • MISTAKEN IDENTITY, JAZZHEAD, FESTA, Various other Jazz Artists - Producer, Engineer, Mastering.
  • STRUMPET: Original Project since 1989

Artist Links:

Van Hoorn   JJJ Unearthed 2013

Stevie Paige   Award Winner 2010 & 2011

Nicky Bomba

Jesse Valach  Charting Blues Debut Album &       2nd Album 2015. **Nominee: the AGE Music Victoria Awards 2015: Best Blues Album 

Jo Dawson's SEATTLE

FABLES (Bobby Allen)  Charting Techno Artist

Husny Thalib   Australian Idol

San Salvador

Chinatown Angels

Steve Sedergreen

Marcia Howard & Rose Bygrave "PEARL"

Tom Fryer

Nick Huggins

Eva Popov   JJJ Unearthed

STEREO VOLVO   Radio Indy Award

Chris Magira  JJJ Unearthed

Blue Eyes Cry   2nd Album 2015

Eugene Hamilton Debut Album

the CLUNK Orchestra 2 albums