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ToK Norris - trumpet and spoken word

Robbie Mercer - drums

Tony King - double bass

Joel Smithard - piano and keys

the Beatnik Preachers

Musically exquisite, Lyrically explicit - the Beatnik Preachers meld a blistering style of jazz with original beat-poetry to form a unique ensemble that provides a palette for both the ears and the mind.

Anthony Norris (trumpet and spoken word) gathers the eclectic drumming of Robbie Mercer and the groove of bassist Tony King to drive a quartet allowing the sublime piano of Joel Smithard to evoke and provoke both melody and harmony. Norris’ trumpet is melodically divine yet technically elaborate, thereby adding a unique interplay of risk and trust within the ensemble that is joyous and raucous. Firmly in the spirit of jazz whilst celebrating the human condition and investigating issues that currently face each and every one of us.


Launching in late February 2019