ProTools 10, HD-X and beyond

So AVID have set the bar higher again for their flagship software ProTools and their accompanying converters. What this means for high-end users is becoming a little clearer so I thought I'd pop what I currently know into a post for those of you in a similar position.

AVID are offering exchange deals for current HD-TDM cards upgrading to the new HD-X systems, which by the way look simply amazing. Current reports state my HD2 rig will be superseded by a single HD-X card, boasting more than 5 x the power of the current system - woohoo. Also significant changes to the operating bandwidth of the converters and accompanying software; Audio Resolution now up to 192kHz @ 32 bit (floating point), with software running at 64bit up from 48 for the Fader resolutions etc. This is all wonderful, but what gear will continue to remain compatible with the HD-X rigs? Well "Lynx" have made it clear to me today that their beloved Aurora converters will remain fully workable with the new AVID system - so that's a great piece of news. As far as price for upgrades is concerned AVID are almost giving away their new converters in the exchange deals, even willing to accept some 3rd party high-end converters. Before going down this path I strongly recommend you contact your converter manufacturer as I did with Lynx - chances are your company is willing to support you through this transition too.

Either way, it's all on the up. We haven't seen an exponential curve quite like this since we went from 16bit up to 24, and as always there will be teething issues. Still, if we hope to constantly embrace the best possible fidelity we can for our precious audio this is yet another chapter on our journey towards precision. "Quality is not a random event"