SSL RTAS Discounts

Solid State Logic have finally succumbed to the Protools prevalence and released RTAS versions of their excellent Duende series of processors, offering significant discounts to celebrate this release until January 3rd 2012.The range features the classics such as: G Console Buss Compressor, Channel EQ, Reverb, Compression, Vocal Channel and a unique combination of processing called the Drum Strip.  I took this opportunity and purchased the Drum Strip. Wow! A Transient tool to alter the envelope of the attack very similar to SPL's Transient Designer, but with EQ, Compression, Gate and the ability to alter the processing order. For just over $100 AU this is an absolute bargain for any engineer, allowing the added "smack" for drums of all sorts. Check it out and maybe buy yourself an Xmas or New Year gift - I believe you'll love this little addition to your plug-in Stocking!