Husny is "Unstoppable"

Husny Thalib and I have just completed the final mix for his next release, "Unstoppable." A wonderful, at times ambient soft pop track, featuring a thumping kick and snare. Universal Audio Digital processing features heavily on this track: Neve 88RS, Pultec EQ, 1176 Limiter, LA2A Compressor, my beloved EL FATSO and the lush spaces of DreamVerb. Also appearing are several instances of my fav' delay from FabFilter, Timeless 2. All 16 stems from the Aurora converters by Lynx then summed into beautiful analogue with the SUMO by Audient. To glue it all together the AVALON 737SP Valve Compressor/EQ hangs across the final stereo buss, adding some pretty serious bottom end; gotta love that 10Hz Lo Shelf - yes, TEN HERTZ! Stay tuned to Husny's site for further info - from the Artists page on ToKwerX.