I am currently testing the 2nd version of Euphonix Artist MC Control surface, now owned by AVID. Since this change the series has added even more flexibility, with Protools 9 taking on full EuCon capabilities. I love these devices. They are stylish in appearance, easy to use and intuitive. The only issue I have is the lack of control over audio output signals such as level, mono and mute. Version 2 does have a function to access software control-room and monitor master outputs but only in Cubase apparently. This means if Logic or Protools is your choice of DAW your are relegated to other methods to control the audio path. I believe the absence of this is intentional leaving the Euphonix as literally a controller only, connection via ethernet and slimline power-cable are the only cables required allowing versatility in the unit's position in your studio. I currently run AVID's (Digidesign) Command|8 and it works extremely well with Protools even over the USB buss, but seriously sucks with Logic and is essentially unsupported other than assuming the role of midi controller (less resolution, classic CC behaviour - yuk). The Euphonix gives me access to functions not included on the Command|8 and seamlessly switches to Logic or any other Eucon controllable app - very cool for users of Final Cut Pro etc. The gents at AVID did state there are "plans afoot" to allow control over the audio output from the controller, which brings me to a clear statement: "If AVID are able to incorporate this functionality into the Euphonix I will be replacing the Command|8." Prices are very similar but in summary I find the Artist series more open ended, expandable and flexible. If you're looking into this type of device the Euphonix is a must test unit.