Mix & Master in DSD

The very first Mix and Master in DSD format is complete here at ToKwerX. 'Husny Thalib's edgy pop is the initial artist to benefit from the new protocol, resulting in not only some gorgeous top end but some seriously pumping bottom-end. The definition of the lower frequency range is enhanced due to the improved dynamic range and the ability of DSD to more accurately shape the waveforms - without distortion created by PCM format's quantization errors. The area I am researching now is the conversion of DSD-PCM for editing and other digital processing, as any analogue pathway is re-captured at DSD then brought back into PCM at 176.4kHz (I am purposely using this sample-rate instead of 192kHz as the further conversion and dithering down to 44.1kHz/16bit for CD-DA is a simpler mathematical step-down from 176.4, thereby requiring less interpolation of each sample). I'll post more of my findings on this conversion process over the following weeks.

Next to benefit from DSD capture is Melbourne-based reggae outfit 'San Salvador' who's 7 track EP I am currently mixing; simply loving this new format. The superior quality will be implemented into RMIT University's Sound Production program next year. DSD - Definitely Superior Digital.