DSD - Wow!

Two days in and I'm simply blown away by the clarity, depth, width and definition of the DSD sampling protocol. KORG's MR2000s is a serious piece of gear and reasonably priced considering what it achieves. The current mix project for Melbourne reggae outfit 'San Salvador' is a great litmus test for this new mastering recorder; all acoustic instruments, recorded nicely (by my mate Tim Johnston) and presenting a broad range of textures and frequencies. With a sample rate of 5.6 MHz and a capture bandwidth in excess of 200 kHz most audio-philes would expect the top end to be the most noticeable difference, and that is absolutely true. But the depth and bottom end is simply gorgeous, delivering the punch I hear straight out of the AUDIENT SUMO's analogue pathway. The width of the stereo image is divine and I have greater separation in each instruments position within the L-R field. Reverbs are sounding better than ever, with a beautiful tail that extends without falling apart due to quantization errors at low amplitudes. Early days yet but I am incredibly impressed with DSD and as you no doubt already detect - I'm an official subscriber and supporter!