San Salvador

"Rugged Are the Mountains" is the upcoming phat-EP release by San Salvador. The Melbourne based reggae & dub outfit have put together 7 tunes on this fresh new output, with an extended mix of their single "Spark the Fire." Entirely mixed and mastered at ToKwerX this release is the first to go to duplication featuring mixes and masters utilising the MR2000 DSD recorder; the results are quite wonderful. A broad and lush image, with warm top end and a seriously pumping sub range this is a perfect showcase for the new digital format. Captured in DSD at 5.8MHz for each analogue process, with digital processing carried out at 176kHz once back in PCM - this makes for minimal interpolation during the sample-rate conversion back down to 44.1k for CD. Maybe the band can be talked into providing hifi-skankers the DSD format in the future? For launch details check out the bands' site via the ARTISTS page here on ToKwerX.