Only a little Uranium!

"The copper concentrate from Oz Minerals' mine contains less than 0.008 per cent of uranium, according to the company's documentation; that equates to 96 kilograms in 1200 tonnes of copper concentrate. The company said in its ASX statement that any of the concentrate that entered the water would become highly diluted. Copper concentrate is itself a toxic substance and Oz Minerals had been given a one-year exemption to transport the material in tarpaulin-covered wagons after government rules for the transport of the substance had been temporarily relaxed."

Oh. only a little bit of Uranium along with other toxic heavy metals gets into our water system - so that's alright? No. It's the same argument put forward for oil spills occuring in the Great Barrier Reef - it's not good enough, it's not acceptable, there should be NO transport of such goods through an area designated as sensitive, let alone one of the wonders of the world.

I have been involved in lobbying for an end to this sort of "accident" brought about by lax transport legislation in our beautiful country since the 1980's. Still it seems little has changed. It's our attitudes that need addressing. When we as a nation state "NO" to toxic materials in our national parks, waterways and oceanic wonders these "unfortunate events" will cease.

P.S. Happy New Year!