Studio Rebuilds

It certainly has to be the most stressful process known to anyone in the audio field; rebuilding a studio. I am still a day or so away from completing my own having moved, albeit only a klm or two. Tomorrow the Sound Production team from RMIT begins the NEVE Genesys fit-out for Studio 1 and it promises to be a major rebuild. Every loom, every patch-bay, even the studio furniture will require disassembly to accommodate the new console from England. I'll send some feedback over the next few days as both RMIT and ToKwerX studios approach readiness for 2012. Hint: For all those contemplating a career in audio engineering never underestimate the number of occasions you will find yourself crawling into tight spaces in order to connect something, with barely enough room to turn a screwdriver, let alone swing that cat! But we DO love it. The very first moment sound is emitted from any new studio is a magical moment worth cherishing.