Memphis TN Day 2

Guitars, guitars, guitars - there's lots of Guitars here in Memphis. Now home of the 3rd Gibson factory where all the "f hole" hollow body models are made, along with a few of the twin-neck special orders. Got to view the factory and play some mighty fine instruments, many of which are limited release models. Spent some time with local radio WEVL and then set out for a look at the famous Beale St, where most of the "tourist" music clubs are. Today's pic shows BB King's club but I must say the best musicians we've heard so far tend to play at clubs outside this zone, where audiences are more local and seek out fine music without the marketing hype. Last night got to hear Eddie L Smith, Buddy Church, Tommy Burrell and others; now these guys are the real Memphis-deal. Beautiful musicianship and lovely folk who made us welcome and took the time to hang out. Southern hospitality at it's finest.