Harrison Mixbus

There are several high-end software packages on the market other than ProTools and it would be remiss of me not to draw your attention to a new contender; Harrison's Mixbus. The iconic console designer and manufacturer has entered the DAW market with a TEC Award nominated package, working seamlessly across three operating systems: Mac, PC and Linux. The affordable price of Mixbus is not a reason to be discouraged and at a little over $200 it presents itself as a true alternative to the major software based DAWs on the market. Seriously thought out Mixbus is an audio only package uncluttered by MIDI or Scoring capabilities, instead focusing on some excellent signal processors built into the software: Harrison 3232 historic EQ, Compression, Limiting and Tape Saturation. Able to host both AU and VST plug-ins Mixbus will soon join the software packages delivered to students at RMIT University's Sound Production program - it is simply that good. I sincerely believe before purchasing another package you check out Mixbus. Even if you already own another package Mixbus possesses a sound that is uniquely Harrison and should be included in your toolbox of DAWs.