SUN Records

Where many iconic artists began their career, SUN studios and the home of SUN Records, Memphis TN USA. Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and many others. The tracking room is quite small but houses some classic RCA ribbon microphones and a hand full of wonderful vintage gear. The museum section upstairs has a couple pieces of gear that will not be seen by any young aspiring engineers, namely the AMPEX 1/4" 2 track tape recorder and the classic RCA direct to disc lathe used for cutting direct to records. Now classed as a national treasure the SUN studio will be protected from development and destruction for many generations to come. The studio is still a working concern of an evening and houses a nice blend of both analogue and digital devices. Once again the ability to be surrounded by history has made a wonderful impression, one that will no doubt last a life-time ... just like the SUN.