On Stage with Stevie Paige

So this evening, 7:30pm Memphis time, Stevie Paige and I took the stage. You could hear a pin drop - until the end of each tune, when the crowd filled the room with cheers and appreciation. First performance in Memphis for stage one of the Blues challenge, tomorrow sees stage two. All we can do is "do our thing" to the best of our ability, but based on tonight's set we can be happy. Happy that many people in Memphis caught the vibe that two "white cats" from Australia had been responsible for bringing the sunshine to Memphis, then today as the heavens opened was it caused by the "thunder from Down Under?" Either way, we felt good, the audience felt good, and afterwards it was a wonderful feeling to walk down Beale Street in Memphis and hear the album being played across the street from one of the venues. An album mixed and mastered in Melbourne at ToKwerX. Woohoo. I could get used to this. Maybe we can come back next year Stevie? And yes, next time I'll bring my partner Laura, cos whilst I'm here playin' the Blues she's holding down the fort in Melbourne X