NEVE (neve) & HUI (human user interface)

Ok, so I had a rant about the lack of supporting documents from NEVE on the utilisation of the HUI protocol when communicating with ProTools software. Whilst NEVE have graciously "acknowledged the issues" with their User Manual they have since informed of an "update of documentation." This is welcome news for anyone looking to spend around $100k or more on one of their beautiful consoles. For the rest of us it is a timely reminder that even the high-end companies in our industry have the same issues as those further down the ladder when it comes to Customer Support. Today I sent a sincere email to NEVE in the UK with our setup details for their Genesys console, which we at RMIT have deduced after much frustration due to poor supporting documents in this area. The final result however should not be overlooked and I wish to acknowledge the quality of this console and it's functionality - yes, even when communicating with software via HUI. If a strict startup procedure is adhered to then the Genesys works exactly as promised, although this procedure is one significant omission from the manuals. Perseverance is required sometimes, even when information is not available. Once we finally got a clear picture of the exact way to setup the two devices we were elated to find - it was exactly what we had done! NEVE Genesys and ProTools together form an awesome studio centrepiece. This is, albeit belated, one very happy customer.