pinball at the diner

Two iconic American institutions: Pinball & the Diner. New friends here in Memphis took us to a classic Diner and there in the corner was a Pinball machine not unlike the ones I played as a teenager - yes I know, a very long time ago. The Diner has it's own history, initially constructed from "Diner Carriages" and placed on routes for a quick feed; stools on one side of the bar, cooking on the other. Even the word "Diner" expresses that history and is an icon of the USA I had to take snaps of ... in fact I've been called "Snappy Tom" here for all the pix I'm grabbing of classic Americana. I love it. Images I grew up seeing on the TV are now right in front of me. Crap score on the Pinball though. Hey, it cost me a quarter!