rule the world

Husny Thalib adds his first cover-song to an impressive list of releases over the last twelve months. Tears for Fears classic, Rule the World is now ready for mixing and judging by the vibe the new backing vocals give the track it's simply gonna rock. Keep your eyes on Husny's pages and those ears open for this upcoming release. Mixed & Mastered right here at ToKwerX.

P.S. Compress your Drum Reverb, like give it a good squash. Post Reverb try something like a soft-knee valve unit with release nice and smooth (not too short). I use the UAD LA2A (Compression curve rather than Limiter) in line after a big Plate reverb. You'll have yourself that 80's Lexicon sheen with a wonderfully held reverb release tail. This helps to sit the decay of the reverb up in the mix as opposed to just the initial "splash." It also lowers the initial early reflections to blend in more with the decay tail.