Massey DRT v2

Not long ago I posted on the brilliance of Massey's Drum Replacement Tool, in my opinion the most accurate transient seeking algorithm of it's type. These days the ability to either blend or replace not-so-good drum sounds is a must, with certain heavy music styles requiring this as a norm. Massey have now released version 2 with some excellent additions: A Noise Gate for eliminating problematic trigger candidates and impressively a Sample page for importing your own sound library directly into tracks (a la SoundReplacer but without the tedious post-editing required). So if you haven't already invested in an essential tool for your Protools system here's yet another incentive: The upgrade from version 1 is free. But, for one week only, version 2 will be sold at the version 1 price of $69. Thereafter, it changes to a mere $96.