Kiwi a Rockin'

Let me say that Jesse Valach is a mighty guitarist. This Kiwi rocks. We are now 3 days into tracking for his debut album and each day shows me yet another aspect of this fine musician. What a pleasure this has been. I know this upcoming album will turn some heads both within and outside the Blues community. It not only steams along like all Blues should but introduces some very fresh approaches to a classic genre. I wanted to point out the benefit of committing to sounds when recording, especially when there are numerous parts for instruments involved, as with Jesse's guitars. A Condenser, a Ribbon and a Dynamic all phase-aligned on the guitar amp are then summed to a single track in Protools. Jesse plays me the part, I blend between the 3 characters then print. If an engineer can't hear a good sound as the part is going down then I truly believe they are in the wrong profession. This also means that the mixing process is exactly that; mixing. More to come - stay tuned.