Randy & Jah Roots

With the recent passing of dear friend and drummer Pete Jones (Skull) there has been a spate of old photos posted on various portals, bringing back some vivid memories - and many a laugh. Today is the birthday of another dear friend and musician, Randy Borquaye, the man from Ghana who introduced me to reggae, dub and hi-life music when I was just 18 years old. I am catching up with him for a celebration and a jam this evening, during which I am sure we will revisit some of our own vivid pasts. Highlights of my years performing and recording with Randy are supporting and jamming with the late Peter Tosh, and both performing with and writing a song with the enigmatic Toots from the Maytals back around the time of Ash Wednesday fires in the early 1980's. That's over 30 years of roots and groove music and I still just can't get enough of it. Jah! Rastafari.