Blues Lost in the Detail - Size Does Matter?

It is not often I have a bitch about criteria surrounding awards but guess what? I'm going to this time. It has been brought to my attention that Jesse Valach's Blues Mountain Album was recently deemed "not acceptable" for entry into the Victorian/Tasmanian Blues Album of the Year Awards. Criteria apparently states a certain length as the minimum for an album in order to be eligible. Jesse's was a minute or so short!

Whilst it is not my responsibility to apply such criteria to music I must say I find it deplorable that a debut album of this stature can be relegated to the ineligible ranks based on such a pathetic stipulation. In a community of music lovers and "appreciators" it seems apparent that rules and regulations need to be met, to the letter, in order for a noteworthy record to even be considered.

To those who made this puny decision I put it to you that regulations and rules are a guide-line, not a mandatory stipulation. Pull your heads out of your A's and get back to the B's ... the Blues that is!