Tracking HARP

Probably not the most common of tracking sessions for many engineers but yesterday was spent tracking several acoustic instruments, including Harp. No, not the Harmonica or Mouth-Organ; the Harp. Both a smaller "Bohemian" model and this 3/4 size Adelaide-made orchestral model. The larger still version used in orchestral ensembles is simply known as a "Classical" Harp. Microphone configuration consisted of 2 x Royer 121 Ribbons in Blumlein and a classic AKG C451EB with the Omni capsule. Blumlein for the gorgeous binaural ambience and the 451 for the rich sweet spot, most often found on the players left due to the extended resonance from the body back up through the strings themselves into the tuning pegs. Both this version and the smaller harp exhibited a richer balance of harmonics from this position and the C451 captured it magnificently. All mic-pre's were 1073 Neve as featured on the Genesys in Studio 1 @ RMIT.