STRUMPET 1988 @ the Espy

When you reconnect with old friends and one of them happens to be an ex FOH engineer for Melbourne's most iconic music pub don't be too surprised when they send you some old desk tapes. Rob Stead mixed at the Espy for years and was FOH engineer for an era or two of bands performing there.
In 1988 a quartet emerged by the name of Strumpet, featuring tough funk/rock with melodies, often compared to Living Color (American band & spelling).
I've been attempting to repair some of these recordings of the original line-up: Ren Walters (Gtr), Rick Tailby (Bass) & Greg Tailby (Drums); yours truly up front on Vocals, Trumpet & Gtr.
The strangest thing was equating that this was half a life-time ago, literally - mine! Thanx Rob Stead for managing to hang on to these tapes in the first place. It really was a unique ensemble.