Beggarman Masters

Completed the first track for Melbourne based classic rock outfit "Beggarman." The tune "Supersonic Woman" has been selected for inclusion on a compilation album and is on it's way OS, with an article also soon to appear in Classic Rock Magazine, which goes to press this Monday. The remainder of the 5 track EP will be mastered in a weeks time. 

From a mastering engineer's perspective I think it's interesting to comment on the differing approaches to the bottom end; yes the subs but more importantly the low mids. This is where the 'punch' resides and no amount of sub frequencies (all below 80Hz) will provide that; these frequencies are extremely long wavelengths and just don't 'speak' that fast. So the impact comes from the mids - where all the 'music' is. The band was mixed by Mat Robins at Coloursound Studios through his gorgeous 1980's Neve console and is rich in this frequency range. A few notches of subtractive EQ then a slight single octave boost in the 80Hz region was all that was required to retain the big bottom end but significantly improve the impact. I believe there is a tendency to miss the importance of the low mids during the mastering process. The fact remains that there is very little if any 'music' down there in the subs and the lower mids must be controlled in order to provide the all important 'punch.'