Clean Install Season

It's that time most studio owners dread but definitely a necessary task - the Clean Install. Assertion errors, access violations, unusual crashes; familiar alerts? Sounds like its time for your system too! I am shocked by the number of studios who simply do not do this regularly and wonder why their system lets them down. For me it's at least an annual event. When carrying out the duties of a clean install make sure you have done a double-check on capability pages from your audio software developer. I also recommend running a utility such as Drive Genius across all your drives to ensure that any bad blocks are flagged. Your newly updated system will only be as good as your drive-health is. When requiring items in your Root Library to be copied over to your newly created system I use a simple method of colour-coding folders that contain user-defined data like instrument patches for samplers, plug-in settings etc. It saves me hours or trawling and is far less stressful - just copy all of the "green" folders to an external drive and also create a directory so you know where they belong. Sit back, relax, and INSTALL.