iDevices for Kids

If your kids are anything like mine then they love their i-devices. Trouble is that open access to the internet over WiFi is often a requirement for the different games and apps the kids love to use. Thankfully Apple has produced a configuration utility that can easily create a personalised profile for each child's device, ensuring age-appropriate access to content. Each of my children have their own specific profile for each device, which blocks their access to Safari and YouTube whilst also managing content for songs, movies and apps. The profile cannot be removed without a password (known by Dad ONLY) unless they want to perform a factory reset to the device, thereby losing all their data. So, if you're a parent and would like to sleep better without the constant worry of "what are they being exposed to" then follow the link below to the Mac version of the utility - PC version also available from Apple. iDevices can be fun for kids - now they're also fun for me as their parent!