Sea Shepherd

Many of you know I'm a Melbourne Football Club follower so this hasn't been a great year. Then there was the small issue of a new prime minister for our country - seems things can  get worse after all. But last night I was reminded of more important things, issues that directly affect us all; the health of our oceans. While we currently know more about the moon than our oceans it was an emotive and inspiring fund raiser in Williamstown for the amazing work of the Sea Shepherd fleet and her crews. Football teams will rise and fall, so will our politicians. The Sea Shepherd represents the power of people, regardless of government laws. Our Australian government needs to act on it's own laws and enforce the protection of our oceans and it's creatures - we are "girt by sea" and there is no escaping the reality that our oceans and their inhabitants are constantly under threat by poachers in ships (Japan's Whaling Fleet) and criminals in suits (BP, Woodside, West AU govt).

If you feel disempowered by recent events then introduce yourself and your children to something that you can do - support the Sea Shepherd fleet and campaigns.