Jesse Valach: Tracking for 2nd Album

Today saw the commencement of the final tracking sessions for Jesse Valach's 2nd album, due for release this Winter. Backing vocals were the order for today with Jesse's guitar solos the focus for tomorrow. All vocals for this album have been completed at Coloursound Studios using the Neve 51 series console including the board's Pre, EQ and Dynamics along with my favourite limiter for vocals the Quad 8 CL22. One microphone was the consistent choice for Jesse and the other vocalists, namely my beloved Peluso P12. I've raved about this mic' so many times but each time I use it there is a sense I've not raved enough. Suffice to say it is superb, likely due to John Peluso's excellent hand-made dual diaphragm capsule but also Ross Giles' modifications to both the mic' and power supply. This thing now sounds like an old AKG C12 and is simply the best mic' for vocals I've used in a decade. No exaggeration.

I'll post again after the guitar solo's and hopefully include a couple of pics showing my mic' choice and configurations - stay tuned.