Where's My User Templates?

If like me you're a Mac-Head running the latest OS X (Yosemite - no, it's not pronounced like Vegemite. I've always preferred Promite anyway) you may also be running the app's Pages and Numbers. Personally I love them but I do know of Microsoft Office folk who freak out when first opening them. Like all new things, we are likely to not break but more so bend our habits to accommodate change - yes, change IS inevitable! Embrace it.

The location of the User Templates for these two iLife app's has changed and no longer lives in the expected Application Support folder of your account or root-level Library. Apple have organised them into a "container" which now resides here: ~/Library/Containers/

You will find a file called com.apple.Iwork.Pages

Like most new App's, this is also a container. So, right click it and choose "view package" and you find a familiar folder structure: Data/Library/Application Support/User Templates

There they are! If you can't be bothered doing this every time you want to directly open a template to change it rather than duplicating, deleting etc simply create some Aliases that point to these locations. An Alias appears as a folder with a small arrow in the lower left corner of the icon. You create an Alias by holding down Command + Option whilst dragging the source folder to a new location. You can then simply click these Alias folders to route you to the User Templates in a flash.