Plugins Vs Plugins SHOOT-OFF #1

I recently posted a commentary on the differences between plug-ins; modelled topology from hardware versus emulations in the development of audio plug-ins. Colin McDowell's McDSP was the first I knew of to actually measure subtle voltage behaviours throughout a circuit depending upon the state of control parameters, embed those voltage curves into the math of plug-ins and this revolutionised the world of the digital audio engineer. Since then several other companies have entered the throng, with Universal Audio significantly raising the bar by measuring the voltage characteristics within the power transformers as well. 

So a discussion with fellow engineer and teacher Timothy Johnston lead to proposing a Shoot-Off between different manufacturer's versions of the same plug-in, and where better to start than the famous Al Smart designed Solid State Logic Buss Compressor. I am running the native versions from SSL themselves and also have the Universal Audio version available as a full-functioning demo with my UAD-2 PCIe system. Tim recently purchased these UA versions. We can then move on to compare these with the WAVES models. This will be fun and hopefully informative; stay tuned.