Two pieces of history ... "Formiles" Mastering

When Quad Eight ceased making high end consoles in the US out of Hollywood CA a company known as Orphan Audio bought most of the assets from this historic contributor to the film-sound and music industries. Orphan later recreated two newer incarnations in salute of the iconic companies Quad Eight and Electrodyne.

I wrote to Orphan Audio asking if they knew anything of the specific history of my QE CL22's, and to my romantic delight, this is the reply from director Ken Hirsch:                 "Anthony,
This pair of CL-22's has had an interesting life.
They were originally built for a custom 27' long, Quad-Eight film dubbing console, installed in the Alfred Hitchcock theatre at Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA. All the console modules were custom ordered by Universal Studio's fitted with those distinctive natural finish aluminium "Alco" knobs and flat black faceplates...  Can you imagine the world famous films your modules have mixed?
Although the final factory design notes show a date of Nov. 1978 and first release was indeed very early 1979, I believe your pair was built for the Universal Studio's console no-later than about 1980... in addition they have been one of my favorite dynamics units since I bought my first pair in 1984."

So, what's their nickname to be? Shall we pass the entire master through the Alfred's?    Tonight the first client to be blessed by the CL22's at ToKwerX was band Formiles. Back to master another single "Xenox." The Quad Eight's were amazing, embedding the punchy VCA Limiting that resulted in an entire stage of otherwise digital virtual-VCA dynamics being eliminated. Most processing for this release was done in the analogue domain. 

Signal path Analogue: AUDIENT SUMO Buss Compressor - AVALON 747 Opto-Valve Compressor @ EQ - HARRISON 32C EQ - QE CL22 Compressor/Limiters - Captured in DSD @ 5.6MHz. Digital processing: UAD FATSO - UAD Limiter - OZONE 7 Inter-sample Clip Prevention. Sample-rate and DSD~PCM conversion in Saracon by WEISS.