Concert Sound: Subs? Shelve the Low End

I have to admit disappointment at the FOH mix for the D'Angelo concert here in Melbourne. Whilst we were most fortunate with our prime seats (thanks Neil) the level of Sub-frequencies primarily from the Kick Drum were overt and totally unnecessary; alas to the detriment of everything else. The glorious Bass and wonderful vocals were forced into a saturated and inadequate space within the mix every time the Kick was struck. I simply can't accept that an international concert mixing engineer could get this so wrong; more to the point, leave it unaddressed for the entire show. I won't suggest it was worsened by our position in the room as I've seen several shows at the same venue and they were never like this. I feel compelled to find and contact the engineer responsible and ask, quite simply; Why? You totally missed the mark on this one buddy! Such a pity 'cos the band was awesome. But on a professional level, unacceptable! This is clearly not an isolated problem, as this article from AudioTechnology magazine suggest. "Time to Shelve the Low End"