Lizzie O'Donnell

Rose for Lizzie.png

I met Lizzie back in the early days of Woodstock Studios in the 1990s and have had the pleasure to record her fantastic voice on a few occasions but likely the best of these was the album for the Lumière Project. Incredible pitch and control with a beautiful warmth and tone Lizzie’s voice is easily one of the best I’ve recorded, but she was always so hard on herself. There really wasn’t any need as her recordings lay testament to the immense beauty she possessed.

Lizzie passed away today after battling cancer and even in our messages of a couple of weeks ago she was determined to win this battle. So sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye, but part of me thinks that’s the way you wanted it my dear friend. I will always be grateful for being able to spend precious times both in the studio and in life with you Lizzie O’Donnell. Thank you X