Jesse Valach's Blues Mountain "SEPARATION STREET" Album has been nominated for Best Blues Album 2015 in THE AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS. Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Anthony "ToK" Norris at Coloursound Studios and ToKwerX in Altona Beach. Regardless of who wins this award it is wonderful to be shortlisted for this year. November 11th sees a gala event during which all Genre Awards will be announced. Stay tuned...

Good Things Come to Those Who ...

When the album you Co-Produced and performed all over goes triple Platinum, receives 5 ARIA awards and two singles achieve Gold record sales it's a nice gesture from the record label to issue an award.  That was the year 2000 if I'm not mistaken. Nonetheless, a staff member for the label has been on the case and I am happy to be informed that the award is finally on it's way - not so Vicious after all? Soon to adorn the entrance hallway of the new ToKwerX studio in Altona Beach.

Award for Sales: Anthony "ToK" Norris

Award for Sales: Anthony "ToK" Norris

Blues Lost in the Detail - Size Does Matter?

It is not often I have a bitch about criteria surrounding awards but guess what? I'm going to this time. It has been brought to my attention that Jesse Valach's Blues Mountain Album was recently deemed "not acceptable" for entry into the Victorian/Tasmanian Blues Album of the Year Awards. Criteria apparently states a certain length as the minimum for an album in order to be eligible. Jesse's was a minute or so short!

Whilst it is not my responsibility to apply such criteria to music I must say I find it deplorable that a debut album of this stature can be relegated to the ineligible ranks based on such a pathetic stipulation. In a community of music lovers and "appreciators" it seems apparent that rules and regulations need to be met, to the letter, in order for a noteworthy record to even be considered.

To those who made this puny decision I put it to you that regulations and rules are a guide-line, not a mandatory stipulation. Pull your heads out of your A's and get back to the B's ... the Blues that is!

Promoting Reconciliation Award

The "Deep Listening Project" is one I've been involved with for several years now, working with indigenous and other artists to create a unique series of recordings and performances, with a focus on this traditional Australian indigenous practise of communication. In 2011 the "Deadly in Gippsland Conference" was an integral aspect to the ongoing activities to promote reconciliation and has been awarded a National Award for Local Government. Congrats to all the elders, artists, teachers and others involved. Needless to say this focus is to continue in order to address the cultural and social divide created in our country by white settlement. I am very proud of this work.