Julia Messenger @ the Melbourne Recital Centre: Sept' 22nd

I'll be very proudly performing trumpet with the wonderful Julia Messenger later this month at the Melbourne Recital Centre, Sept' 22nd. The band behind Julia is seriously awesome: David Jones (Drums), Mark Fitzgibbon (Piano) and Craig Newman (bass). Event is apparently SOLD OUT but rumours of a few still at the door on the night. SO looking forward to this one...



It's Back!!!

Many of my peers and colleagues don't get it; why do I love our footy so much? Perhaps it was growing up in the city this unique sport still calls it's "Mecca?" Maybe it is the uniqueness of this game and the colloquial pride and passion it invokes? Then again, I have always drawn a parallel between surviving on original music for most of my life and the "struggle of the underdog." Many would say that goes hand in hand with being a Melbourne Demons supporter since the age of 5 after seeing a life-size poster of "Hassa Mann" on my neighbour's bedroom cupboard door.

Many theories. None of which I have too much time for...'cos Footy Is Back and I love it..

Not quite today "Dees" but a stronger display against the Cats than we've seen in many a year. Bring it on...

Kids are again allowed on the MCG after the game for kick to kick. Fantastic.

Kids are again allowed on the MCG after the game for kick to kick. Fantastic.

3 point victory to Geelong.

3 point victory to Geelong.

Blues in Melbourne

I've heard a lot of musicians complain of dwindling audiences at live shows over the past few years. But there's one style of music that's actually growing in support; based on numbers at live shows. It's the Blues and here in Melbourne it's seriously rockin'. The Docklands Blues Festival saw a massive crowd support some of our finest musicians, with Blues of all types represented. Wonderful to be a part of this scene.