Not Long Enough

Many people state "Size is Irrelevant."

Well not when it comes to holidays - back to the grind. Although I am very excited about receiving the next few tracks from PEARL, featuring the amazing voices and compositions of Marcia Howard & Rose Bygrave.

Stay tuned next week for the release of the inaugural Webinar from ToKwerx: Chapter 1, Mix Preparation.

Webinars in 2011

ToKwerX will be presenting a series of webinars on specific aspects of audio engineering. Areas to be covered will focus upon the questions I am most asked from my clients, students and readers.

As the mixing process for the Marcia Howard & Rose Bygrave project "Pearl" begins this week I thought a great starting point would be Mix Preparation. Over the next few weeks I will be collating a series of screen grabs and accompanying audio to demonstrate the way mixes are constructed here at ToKwerX. As most projects released these days are utilising DAW systems such as Logic or Protools there are mixing fundamentals having direct impacts upon the sounds we end up with. Stay tuned throughout January as I cover these issues:

Chapter 1 "Mix Preparation - leave me some Headroom"