the VANITY of TREES: Padma Newsome

Absolutely delighted to support the release of this sonic tapestry by dear friend and colleague Padma Newsome. The album is a collective of works featuring the wonderful artistry of this beautiful man. I am thrilled to have been involved in bringing this to life. Best wishes and congratulations Padma x.


Julia Messenger @ the Melbourne Recital Centre: Sept' 22nd

I'll be very proudly performing trumpet with the wonderful Julia Messenger later this month at the Melbourne Recital Centre, Sept' 22nd. The band behind Julia is seriously awesome: David Jones (Drums), Mark Fitzgibbon (Piano) and Craig Newman (bass). Event is apparently SOLD OUT but rumours of a few still at the door on the night. SO looking forward to this one...



It amazes me just how trusting creatures can be when we don't threaten or scare them. I only provide the birds from the neighbouring forest with water - no food. They can source theirs naturally. But since ensuring the water tub is freshly topped up every day or so the birds are happy to come... and hang. This evening I had a particularly settled visitor who, it would appear, likes a bit of the 1976 OLD's Recording tone?

iPhone in my left hand, trumpet in my right - nearly dropped both at one point - eek!

Jesse Valach: Blues Mountain

Mixing of the 2nd album with Jesse Valach is well on the way, with a master completion by the end of June for a mid-July release. Jesse and his excellent band have raised the bar and I feel more than confident this record will do the same for their profile. We managed #5 on the AU Blues & Roots charts with the first album. Stay tuned blues fans...

Mystery to Mastery

As a trumpet player I am only too aware of the immense amount of time required to practise such an instrument in order to attain a high level of accomplishment. After 12 years essentially focusing on other things, such as a son and a daughter it appears I now have time once again. It has been a humbling experience as I re-tread the path so well-travelled for many many years in my efforts to attain those heights again, although I do seek to surpass them this time around. "Mystery to Mastery" is an excellent publication and method designed by Australian trumpeter Greg Spence. If you're seriously into brass, any horn at all, then you'd better check out Greg's site: