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Sydney Morning Herald Review: Chris Young double CD

Last year I was fortunate enough to record, mix and master a double CD for Melbourne Jazz artist Chris Young. Also had a cameo on trumpet for a track. This release was mixed and mastered entirely at ToKwerX on the hybrid system to DSD then brought down to CD audio formats. John Shand from the SMH (Sydney Morning Herald) has published a very positive review of this release, attributing 4/5 Stars. LINK to On-line article.

JAZZ Christopher Young Trio



Christopher Young has a gift for crafting charged atmospheres in which to improvise. This gift is especially prominent on this double album's 20-minute centrepiece, the slow, dreamy Out of Time, which has minimal harmonic movement, instead using layers of post-Robert Fripp guitar played by guest Brendan Hains, whose long, sustained notes frost with tension the improvisations from Julien Wilson's tenor saxophone and Young's bass clarinet. This sharp edge of anguish is passed between clarinet, saxophone and guitar, without either the effect becoming overwrought or its impact diminishing. Meanwhile bassist Alistair Watts and drummer Daniel Brates maintain a soft, restrained, but nonetheless buoyant dialogue to keep the piece afloat. It is among the most compelling works I've heard this year, and amazes me afresh with each hearing. The rest of the album keeps you in its grip, too, with Young developing such full-blooded sounds on his saxophones, clarinets and flute, and his compositional ideas asking different questions of himself (sometimes multi-tracked) and his collaborators. Wilson's brawny tenor also guests on There Is Always a Way to Know and trumpeter Tony Norris spices up EternityJOHN SHAND


It amazes me just how trusting creatures can be when we don't threaten or scare them. I only provide the birds from the neighbouring forest with water - no food. They can source theirs naturally. But since ensuring the water tub is freshly topped up every day or so the birds are happy to come... and hang. This evening I had a particularly settled visitor who, it would appear, likes a bit of the 1976 OLD's Recording tone?

iPhone in my left hand, trumpet in my right - nearly dropped both at one point - eek!

R.I.P. Brian Brown

News this morning of yesterdays passing of the Australian jazz great Brian Brown. Not only one of the most prominent contemporary jazz artists to take Australian improvised music to Europe in the 1970s but the key figure in the creation of VCA's Jazz Studies course. I was one of 15 students in the inaugural stream of this program, alongside Rob Burke, Alex Pertout, the late Jamie Fielding, Steve Hadley, Colin Hopkins and the immensely talented drummer Peter Jones who passed away last year.

Brian was an eccentric character and was incredibly supportive of us spawning our own ensembles. I shall always remember his words to me after my final recital at VCA: "I'm not sure what will happen after this but I am very glad you did that." I had taken my current improvisation ensemble into VCA featuring John McAll on Piano, Des McKenna on Drums, Barry Deenick on Bass and Ren Walters on Gtr - somewhat of a shock to the powers that be but an absolute representation of Melbourne jazz in 1982.

Brian will be remembered by many players younger than he, as he often shaped the next generation of jazz artists. I also recall the world-class drummer David Jones performing with Brian in the late 1970s. You are a legend Brian. Thank you.