Bass Tracking

Tracking Bass @ ToKwerX

The Robbie Bundle Album is picking up momentum as we began tracking bass with Andrew McSweeney today @ ToKwerX. A 1970's Yamaha Semi-acoustic 4 string Bass guitar ended up providing just the right tone; and distortion these tracks required. That wonderful "fart" at the attack of the note reminiscent of classic funk records from the era the bass was built in. The Fender P-Bass got to sit out on this session, ironically.

Signal path was simple but oh so sweet, providing an almost finished bass sound for the mixing process: Avalon 737 (modified - see Gear page) DI with the High-Gain engaged to cook the input somewhat, followed by the same units compression - fast in and quite slow out. Got the compression curve to behave more like a broadcast limiter so as not to "let go" during the longer bass sustains. Then into a buss holding the UAD FATSO Snr for some wonderful transformer-esque low end saturation and just a tad more compression. I noted the Yamaha's lower tones were significantly out of balance with the higher end - common with older non-Fender basses - but the FATSO did an excellent job of evening this out across the whole range. HPF on compression set at 120Hz to ignore the subs, .9ms attack and .05sec release. Sounds wonderful. More to come next week which should see the bass completed for this album. Andrew McSweeney is a lovely player and we both loved the old Yamaha bass for this.