Chinatown Angels

Coloursound & ToKwerX: Gems of the West

Tucked away behind the retail shops in Altona lies a gem of the western suburbs, a studio named Coloursound. Built and run by Mat Robins this is a boutique studio featuring some rare and much sought after outboard gear, all hanging off a gorgeous 1980's Neve console. Add to this some iconic microphones for capture and you have yourself a wonderful space to record in. See a page dedicated to this studio here via 'RECORDING.'

Down the road a little closer to town in Newport you'll find ToKweX. A unique hybrid mixing and mastering facility developed over the past 13 years it offers the very best of both analogue and digital. Several local artists have made use of these Gems of the West for their latest releases, including the popular Chinatown Angels from Melbourne (see 'ARTISTS' links). Jack Gramski is an young singer-songwriter honing his skills in the classic styles of Cohen and Dylan; a modern poet of his generation. Keep an ear out for his latest album and an accompanying EP for release very shortly: Recorded and mixed at Coloursound, Mastered here at ToKwerX in DSD high-definition.


Melbourne-based Rock outfit CHINATOWN ANGELS will be launching their latest single (2 track CD) this coming Friday, March 2nd. "You Really Ain't That Young" and "Heartless City" were recorded and mixed at Coloursound Studios in Altona by Matt Robins. Mastered here at ToKwerX. If you're into honest, hard-workin' Rock 'n' Roll then CHINATOWN ANGELS is a band you'll simply love. See their link here on the Artists page.

Chinatown Angels Upcoming Launch

Melbourne-based rock 'n' roll outfit CHINATOWN ANGELS will soon release their new tracks. Mixed & Mastered at ToKwerX and recorded at Coloursound Studios (Altona) this is a seriously rockin' band. The lads intend to simultaneously launch on-line and with a live performance at Cherry Bar; located where else but AC-DC lane in the heart of Melbourne city. I for one will be joining the band for this event and partake in a bit of rock 'n' roll frolic - "Zigga Zugga Zigga Zugga Oi Oi Oi!" Check out the details on their link via my Artists page here on ToKwerX.

Chinatown Angels @ Coloursound

February will see the Chinatown Angels tracking a couple of tunes with me at the new Coloursound Studios in Altona. Built and owned by ex-student and good friend Mat Robins (with help from another ex-student Paul Tipping) Coloursound is likely to become the most popular boutique studio in Melbourne. Amidst the main shopping precinct and only a minute from Altona beach the studio location is another great draw card for clients.

Tracking Chinatown Angels will be my first project with the band and the inaugural ToKwerX tracking session at Coloursound - very excited. See the "Recording" page on this site for further details of Mats wonderful new venture.