It's All in the Timing...

This week and next I am completing the debut release for Erin Downie and Rebellious Bird. 
This EP has been over two years in the making during which we have endured: Moving homes (twice), Full Time Study, Floods, Single Parenting and Broken Hearts.

But we persevered.

I am incredibly proud of this upcoming release and consider it some of my best work. Erin sings beautifully on these tracks and the band is wonderful. Horn section will be dropped in next week. 
Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard and at times sacrificed part of themselves to complete this project.

This EP is testament to the gift of love and the privilege of sharing music. Not an opportunity to be taken for granted.

I will deliver the masters to Erin before the end of September and sincerely hope something is done with this recording, for a debut release of this quality is a very rare gift indeed.


Jesse Valach: Blues Mountain

I am very excited to announce that final mixes (in DSD high definition quality) for Jesse Valach's debut album are in the can, with mastering planned for Thursday this week. This has been a wonderful few weeks working with Jesse, who is not only talented but possesses a great work ethic; no need for me to push this artist - He does that all by himself. I believe Jesse intends to release this independently so keep an ear out, but I sincerely believe a label will pick this debut album up and happily run with it. It is without doubt one of the best records in this genre that I have heard from this country and is sure to raise a few eyebrows; great tunes, wonderful playing, a rockin' vibe and a touch of class make this a truly excellent debut for Jesse. Congratulations big fella! It's been an absolute pleasure.

PEARL CD Launch - Family VIP's

Tomorrow evening I am taking my entire family to the launch of the recently completed PEARL debut album. I'll be guest for a song or two on Trumpet but the essential idea is to share the event with all my loved ones, who make it possible for me to do this sort of work. My gorgeous kids and beautiful partner know all the songs by heart, having heard them developing throughout the production process - over and over again. My children are especially amazing, often asking me to "turn it up Dad" as they head off to sleep.

Here's a toast to my family and all the support they show me in this endeavour - however crazy it may be at times. Xxxx