Film Score

A Boy Called Sailboat Soundtrack: Grigoryan Brothers

ToKwerX this weekend is welling in the sounds of the Grigoryan Brothers. Their superb classical guitars have been the centre of the soundtrack for upcoming film “a Boy Called Sailboat.” Mixes by my graduate Mark Farrell through my matched pair of AVALON 737sp hardware units. Mastering chain is: Audient SUMO VCA Compressor, Avalon AV747 Compression and EQ, Harrison 32C Filters and EQ, Quad Eight CL22 Limiter - all captured in DSD @ 5.6MHz sampling rate. Release of the soundtrack will be shortly.

"Blood Trust" Hollywood Premiere

The short film "Blood Trust" which features an original score by yours truly has been selected to screen at the 18th Dances with Films festival in Hollywood LA, USA. Congrats to director Alberto Di Troia and producer Laura Faulkner on this wonderful news - I expect a postcard at least.

The score style is Italian melodrama and features acoustic instruments, weaving amongst the themes of the main characters. Recorded at the "Brian Brown Studio" (VCA) then mixed and mastered at ToKwerX with wonderful performances by: Jo Abbott (Accordian), Mike Jordan (Kit), Jonathan Zion (Ac Bass), Justin DV (Guitar/Mandolin), ToK (Trumpet).

Blood Trust Score Ensemble

My immense thanks to the fine musicians who graced the Brian Brown Studio @ VCA on Saturday for the recording of the score for the short-film "Blood Trust." In what was a rather tight time frame we managed to capture not only the composed themes but also some wonderful incidentals from each of the instruments. Michael Jordan on Drums, Jonathan Zion on Dbl Bass, Jo Abbott on Accordion and Justin Dellevergin on classical guitar. Yesterday I spent the day at ToKwerX recording the trumpet and preparing the session for mixing. I am sincerely grateful to these amazing musicians for their performances.

Justin Dellevergin, Jo Abbott, Jonathan Zion, ToK, Michael Jordan.

Justin Dellevergin, Jo Abbott, Jonathan Zion, ToK, Michael Jordan.