Horn Section

Rebellious Bird: HORNS Tracking

A massive day in Studio 1 NEVE yesterday tracking Horns for the Rebellious Bird debut release. Editing and mixing these today before dropping the Horns into the main mix sessions for final tweaks tomorrow; mastering Thursday… Friday onwards… REST!

My absolute gratitude to engineer Mark Kelson for driving whilst I was performing alongside Ellie Lamb on Trombone and Jeff Mead on Tenor Sax. Beautiful section.

Horn Section for Jesse Valach

There really is nothing quite like the sound of a real horn section. Adds an incredible punch and dynamic to any track and when performed by high-level players it is an experience in the studio quite unlike any other. "Promised Land" by Jesse Valach gets the full section treatment, double tracked, close and ambient mic configurations. Heil PR40's on both trumpet and trombone, AKG 214 on Tenor and Alto overdubs, but the secret to a big and realistic section sound is the ambient mic; I used an AT Stereo Condenser at a distance of approx 3 metres. Many thanx to Jordan Murray (trom), Paddy McMullin (tpt) and Rob Simone (saxes). Formant frequencies for the EQ are also important to bring out the natural resonance of each instrument: Trumpet 1.2kHz, Trom 600 Hz and Tenor 600 Hz also. Close mic's are panned opposite one another after doubling with Trombone levels higher than the others to bring out the all important "bark" that only this horn provides. My strong and sincere recommendation is never record a horn section without trombone.