the Beatnik Preachers...

2019 will see the launch, inaugural performances and recordings of my newly formed quartet, the Beatnik Preachers. A twist on Jazz and Beat Poetry combining my love for improvisation and the spoken word. The project is not an attempt to re-invent ‘the wheel’ but it is indeed fitting some White-Wall Tyres to the Jazz-mobile.

The project will be launched at a private event (invitation only) in late February 2019. The quartet features: Tony King (double bass), Robbie Mercer (drums), Joel Smithard (piano) and yours truly on Trumpet and Spoken Pictures (poetry).

the Beatnik Preachers - musically evocative, lyrically provocative… Stay tuned

Julia Messenger @ the Melbourne Recital Centre: Sept' 22nd

I'll be very proudly performing trumpet with the wonderful Julia Messenger later this month at the Melbourne Recital Centre, Sept' 22nd. The band behind Julia is seriously awesome: David Jones (Drums), Mark Fitzgibbon (Piano) and Craig Newman (bass). Event is apparently SOLD OUT but rumours of a few still at the door on the night. SO looking forward to this one...



Sydney Morning Herald Review: Chris Young double CD

Last year I was fortunate enough to record, mix and master a double CD for Melbourne Jazz artist Chris Young. Also had a cameo on trumpet for a track. This release was mixed and mastered entirely at ToKwerX on the hybrid system to DSD then brought down to CD audio formats. John Shand from the SMH (Sydney Morning Herald) has published a very positive review of this release, attributing 4/5 Stars. LINK to On-line article.

JAZZ Christopher Young Trio



Christopher Young has a gift for crafting charged atmospheres in which to improvise. This gift is especially prominent on this double album's 20-minute centrepiece, the slow, dreamy Out of Time, which has minimal harmonic movement, instead using layers of post-Robert Fripp guitar played by guest Brendan Hains, whose long, sustained notes frost with tension the improvisations from Julien Wilson's tenor saxophone and Young's bass clarinet. This sharp edge of anguish is passed between clarinet, saxophone and guitar, without either the effect becoming overwrought or its impact diminishing. Meanwhile bassist Alistair Watts and drummer Daniel Brates maintain a soft, restrained, but nonetheless buoyant dialogue to keep the piece afloat. It is among the most compelling works I've heard this year, and amazes me afresh with each hearing. The rest of the album keeps you in its grip, too, with Young developing such full-blooded sounds on his saxophones, clarinets and flute, and his compositional ideas asking different questions of himself (sometimes multi-tracked) and his collaborators. Wilson's brawny tenor also guests on There Is Always a Way to Know and trumpeter Tony Norris spices up EternityJOHN SHAND

A Blast from the Past

Recently completed re-mastering of the Ted Vining Trio 1981 live @ Prince of Wales Hotel recording by PBS radio . This represents an iconic ensemble in the jazz scene of Melbourne during this very adventurous period, where local artists began to firmly imprint their music throughout the world on international stages. The original tapes were dubbed on 1/4" at only 7.5 IPS and the consequent low fidelity had only deteriorated further, so a mint copy of the LP on vinyl was our best source. Once digitised the new masters were treated to analogue compression from Audient and Avalon, subtractive EQ to remove the sub-harmonic turntable rumble, additive EQ in the low mids to enhance the pretty poor acoustic bass sound, removal of several other vinyl artefacts, stereo image enhancement in the 800hz-5kHz range whilst retaining the mono from vinyl below 125Hz, Empirical Labs FATSO senior to apply some excellent saturation and dynamic LPF for some of the gnarly high-end spikes especially on the piano, then Universal Audio's Precision Limiter. Noise reduction was used for the quieter sections of the recording where the media itself could be heard alongside the music. The late Barry Buckley on Bass gets another hearing and enters the digital age. A wonderful exercise in retaining a character and vibe from the 80's whilst delivery of an end product well into the 2000's. To be released through Newmarket soon.

the Original LP cover notes

the Original LP cover notes


KEWTI? No, not some adjective for some small attractive character. Rather, a Melbourne-based contemporary project performing some pretty amazing textural material.

Adrian Sherriff (Trombone and assorted percussion) with Tom Fryer (Guitar and much more) are about to release their album, featuring some of the most progressive instrumental material I've heard for quite a while. Both musicians spawn a long list of credits with many other AU artists over the past couple of decades and take their art very seriously, although not always themselves; a healthy combination. Mastered in DSD here at ToKwerX the album shall be available soon. Where else but at 'all good contemporary instrumental improvised music outlets.'

Yolanda Kuhn - Jazz Vocalist

Keep your ears open for this wonderful Melbourne-based jazz vocalist. Having recorded some demo's for Yolanda at Atlantis recorders last week I am now mixing these, essentially for sourcing gigs. A delightful warmth and lush tone to her voice, Yolanda is sure to become a favourite with jazz fans and others. Superlative technique she makes it all sound so easy, immediately drawing in the listener. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her.