Mick Wordley

FATSO no longer an insult


Don't you mean Full Analogue Tape Saturation and Optimiser?

EMPIRICAL LABS EL7 FATSO modelled under license by Universal Audio's Digital arm deserves another rave. Having owned this system for over 6 months there is not a recording, mix or master that hasn't been through the FATSO. At the end of my chain for recording, across the Drum Buss for wonderful parallel compression, or as a replacement for my beloved SONY APR 5003 Tape machine during the mastering process - this device is as much a classic as the "Distressor" also from E Labs. If you haven't heard them or checked them out maybe this rave will entice you to do so. A wonderful engineer and mentor of mine, Mick Wordley from Mixmasters in SA said to me when he heard I was purchasing one - "the FATSO? Permanently chained across my mix!"