PEARL CD Launch - Family VIP's

Tomorrow evening I am taking my entire family to the launch of the recently completed PEARL debut album. I'll be guest for a song or two on Trumpet but the essential idea is to share the event with all my loved ones, who make it possible for me to do this sort of work. My gorgeous kids and beautiful partner know all the songs by heart, having heard them developing throughout the production process - over and over again. My children are especially amazing, often asking me to "turn it up Dad" as they head off to sleep.

Here's a toast to my family and all the support they show me in this endeavour - however crazy it may be at times. Xxxx

PEARL debut album completed

Phew! Now that was intense.

Nonetheless the debut album from Marcia Howard & Rose Bygrave is complete. The women have done most of the tracking for this record - a learning curve for them both as they've stated but an increasingly common occurrence for records these days. The technology allows access to processes once only offered by dedicated studio-facilities and it is indeed the artists that are reaping the rewards. A consequent rise in interest on the part of the artist to avail themselves with engineering techniques is also directly related to this.

Deadlines are very aptly named - a line that must not be crossed and near death occurs as the engineer approaches it! Lack of sleep, lack of time to listen, lack of ... everything. And yet the ability to deliver on time, on budget must never be forgotten - it is a reality of the music industry and unlikely to change all that much. Not until we can conjure up a 36 hour day that is!

Thanx PEARL - an absolute pleasure.

Not Long Enough

Many people state "Size is Irrelevant."

Well not when it comes to holidays - back to the grind. Although I am very excited about receiving the next few tracks from PEARL, featuring the amazing voices and compositions of Marcia Howard & Rose Bygrave.

Stay tuned next week for the release of the inaugural Webinar from ToKwerx: Chapter 1, Mix Preparation.