Oh-Zone FIVE

Oh. Izotope. You've done it again. Ozone 5 is a serious piece of kit. The advanced version allows the different elements of the plug-in to be instantiated as separate plugs, EQ, Multi-band Dynamics etc. Additions to metering, stereo image and a Post EQ make this one of the most significant upgrades to an already great piece of software. The Mid-Side EQ functions have always been a favourite of mine and to now have that available within the mix is excellent. As with version 4, all relevant elements of processing are multi-band, including the Stereo image functions. This has always been great for widening the upper-mids whilst mono-izing the bottom end. With version 5 there are also additions to the Reverb algorithms and a slick new interface. Check it out - Izotope are certainly one of the most progressive companies in this field and Ozone 5 has failed to disappoint.