Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb by UAD

Universal Audio astound me. Their modelling of the pinnacle reverb by Lexicon, the 224 is simply superb. Until you have heard one of these old beasts in analogue you won't truly appreciate just how good the UAD version is. In fact, it's better. Universal Audio's digital engineers have not only sourced the original algorithms but they have improved upon them, even discovering and allowing the correction of bugs in the Lexicon code. I run several reverb units as it is a unique effect, with every spatial codex possessing a particular character. Having said that - I think my use of previous devices may have just been truncated! Congratulations UAD, the Lexicon 224 for use on their exclusive UAD-2 systems is astounding.

rule the world

Husny Thalib adds his first cover-song to an impressive list of releases over the last twelve months. Tears for Fears classic, Rule the World is now ready for mixing and judging by the vibe the new backing vocals give the track it's simply gonna rock. Keep your eyes on Husny's pages and those ears open for this upcoming release. Mixed & Mastered right here at ToKwerX.

P.S. Compress your Drum Reverb, like give it a good squash. Post Reverb try something like a soft-knee valve unit with release nice and smooth (not too short). I use the UAD LA2A (Compression curve rather than Limiter) in line after a big Plate reverb. You'll have yourself that 80's Lexicon sheen with a wonderfully held reverb release tail. This helps to sit the decay of the reverb up in the mix as opposed to just the initial "splash." It also lowers the initial early reflections to blend in more with the decay tail.

UAD "DreamVerb" Room Modeler

So you want a Reverb processor that sounds natural and unobtrusive, without having to dedicate 4 TDM chips to run it? Seriously, if you want to step up ALL of your sounds the Universal Audio Digital series can't be overlooked. Now available in an external FW800 processor as well as the PCIe card systems, the dedicated hardware runs UA's emulations of many beloved hardware units - the difference is they sound the same as the hardware - I'm not kidding and I stated to my Sound Production students "Digital has finally arrived." Check out my review of the "DreamVerb" modeler - you can hear it in any one of my mixes since June 2011.

P.S. No, I don't own shares in UAD - but I wish I did!