Ribbon Mic

Trumpet through a Ribbon...

My 1976 OLDS Recording is a beautiful sounding Horn; not too bright or shrill. Recording for a Sydney artist's upcoming release and have opted for the OPR Ultra-Mod Rocket Ribbon as the microphone. Running through one of my AVALON 737SP modified valve units (on High Gain of course!) the tone is thick and moody but still with an upper presence. A little boost at 1.2k and another at 10k and the sound was there. A touch of compression. DONE!

Trumpet Ribbon.jpg

Ribbon Comparative

Tomorrow during student practical exercises in our NEVE studio @ RMIT Sound Production we are setting up a comparative recording of Drums with various Ribbon microphones. Results from this will be analysed back at ToKwerX and I'll post the findings and outcomes very soon. Thanx to Mark from OPR for providing "the Grill U-Mod" for this session. The session will include the following "Velocity Transducers:"

Ribbon Comparative 2017.jpg

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